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Wood Vinegar- Acid Pyroligneous- Bio-Gekka-L Natural Liquid Soil Fertilizer

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The raw materials of this product is seaweed. After processed by high temperature fermentation, concentration, spraying, etc, the product is finally made to black or brow shiny granular fertilizer. During the production process, we add some necessary trace element which plants need, biological organic selenium and biological bacterial protein which are favorable to human health. These will meet the growth demand of plants.

Improves the uptake of nutrients (CEC)
Assists in soil remediation
Improves root structure and development
Increases microbial activity
Boosts seed germination
Increases yields
Reduces fertilizer runoff
Promotes healthier crops
Improves water retention
Increases antioxidant activity
Stimulates plant enzymes
Prevents disease and heat stress
Enhances soil fertility
enhance the performance of fertilizers and reduces input-costs.
Stimulates plant growth by an increased biomass production
Increases yield and improves quality of plants
Stimulates plant enzymes
Improves the soil structure and the water holding capacity
Increases and stimulates beneficial microorganisms
Enhances the cation exchange capacity (CEC)
Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduces nutrient especially nitrate leaching
Promotes root development
Increases the permeability of cell membranes in the roots and increases nutrient uptake
Acts as a natural chelate for microelements in alkaline soils and increases their availability for plants
Decreases stress by drought and stress by the application of plant treatments
Increases the germination of seeds and enhances
development of radicles
Reduces the residues of herbicides and toxic substances in the soils
Delays the decomposition of ultraviolet unstable agents

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