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NPK 30-10-10 Te Water Soluble Fertilizer

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Product Description

Product description

Appearance: Dark brown granular/pellet
Organic Matter: 50% min
Total Amino acid: 10% min
Organic nitrogen:2% min
Trace elements: 2% min
Xylon: 20% min
Bio HA & Bio FA: 10% min
Total Vitamin: 0.2% min

Product Feature
1.High-activity, high-purity, high-content, long-lasting effect:
2.Products have good stability, acid-proof, salt-tolerant, heat-resistant and compression resistant;
3.Strong stress resistance, easy to be resuscitated, reproduced and colonized;
4.Safety, green and non-toxic without pollution and side effects.
Product Efficacy
Used for agricultural cultivation
1.1 Promote the growth of plant root system, and enhance the capacity of root system to absorb, increase crop yield
1.2 Inhibition of plant pathogenic bacteria breeding in vivo and in vitro, kill harmful bacteria, reduce plant diseases and insect pests
1.3 Curing heavy metal, reduce the heavy metal content in plant
1.4 Loose soil improvement, solve the soil harden phenomenon, so as to activate soil, raise the utilization ratio of fertilizer
2. Used for livestock and poultry breeding.
2.1 Adjust the tract micro ecology of animal digestive, prevent disease,the product can prevent Pathogenic bacteria breeding by adhesion mechanism and competition exclusion.
2.2 It can also produce metabolites and biological active substances to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms, Consequently, establish and maintain the normal intestinal dominant population.

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